Recycling Services in Omaha, NE

Metro Disposal & Recycling in Omaha is one of the largest recycling processors in the Midwest. Metro Disposal & Recycling is proud of our people, our facilities and track record. With every job, we renew our commitment to provide you with the most thorough, safe and cost-effective solutions to your recycling and environmental needs. For your convenience, we provide commercial single stream recycling for all of our front load containers.
All Of Your Waste Goes Into ONE Open Top Container, WE DO THE SORTING!
Metro Disposal and Recycling of Omaha is also proud to offer LEED Recycling services for 20 Yard open top containers. Our team is ready to recycle your construction debris in one simple and easy system:
That's right, our unique service allows you to COMBINE all your recyclables and trash. Not having to sort means your project can move forward quickly. You will be provided with a summarized report on each container with a breakdown amounts for each category of recyclable and trash content. You can recycle Metal, Trees, Non-Treaded Lumber, Cardboard, Concrete, Asphalt, Asphalt Roofing, Drywall, Tires and Appliances.
When it comes to choosing a partner who can meet the widest range of recycling & commercial waste management the decision is simple; Omaha's preferred choice is Metro Disposal & Recycling in Omaha.
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